Saturday, 6 October 2012

Well our new warehouse and office is taking shape.This is such a relief as our old warehouse, which was primarily storage was busting at the seams.I am still unsure how we did fit all our stock in.We now have our desigated office space and we are looking forward to a new year.Whilst retail has struggled during the last 24 months internet sales have been steadily increasing.Whether you like it or hate it internet is the future and we all need to embrace the new technology and move forward.Avoiding it will only leave you lagging behind.Remember Kodak? How did such a huge worldwide company wind up bankrupt and cease to exist? They refused to look ahead and move with technology.Unfortunately businesses need to move with customer expectations and in an environment where we are all time poor, the internet can be a great tool in a busy lifestyle.I say tool as it can be a great timesaver and allows us all to have information at our fingertips anytime, anyplace, connect with anyone anywhere in the world, but be aware of it becoming your master and dominating your life.Use it to your advantage but put it into perspective.More often than not I find our customers love the convenience of the internet for their shopping or simply quering us regarding a product/s, however they are pleasantly surprised when they receive a phonecall regarding their delivery or product enquiry.These days most do not expect a person on the other end of a transaction or email and I have had many say to us they love the fact there is someone they can reach if they have a problem/concern or simply a question.This is just a small example of how both can work well.

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