Sunday, 27 May 2012

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Well, its that time again, State Of Origin kicks off this Wednesday 23rd May 2012.This first game is marred by some controversy with the first game being played in Melbourne, home of the AFL.This has upset some of the diehard fans but I guess in order for the game to grow the BIG games have to be held elsewhere to show those other states just what they are missing out on.Better the first game than the second or third I would say.
It will be a mammoth task for the blues, who Captain,Paul Gallen is nursing a knee injury and a strained thigh muscle.They are up against a well trained and disciplined Queensland side.Queensland have 6 straight series wins under their belt, and are going for their seventh.
Could Gallens fitness prove detrimental? There is no doubt the side are stronger with Gallen in the side but will his injuries hold up for 90 minutes of pounding defence from Queensland.? Should he have stood down to allow NSW the best opportunity.He "pulled up well" after a contact traning session yesterday.He hasn't been able to train with the side and missed a few few training sessions, something I think is really important going into a State Of Origin clash.Time will tell and we will all know Wednesday night.
NSW have named many debutants in their lineup and will need to concentrate on completing their sets of six to give themselves the best opportunity against Queensland side.
Queensland are not without their problems with their captain Cameron Smith,struck done with a upper respiratory infection.The hooker has only ever missed one origin game in his 25 Origin game history.
Meninga says there is no plans to rush a shadow player in at this stage.
Queensland are of course favourites, and it will take all of thr Blues strength and more to topple such a well trained side.
Paul Gallen should have stood down?

Monday, 7 May 2012

This Sunday, May 13th will be the one day we get to show Mum our love and appreciation for all that she does.Our mums spend countless hours being housekeeper,cook,taxi driver,teacher,doctor (to many scrapes and scratches),manager,financial consultant,child carer and some whilst holding down a full or part time job.
Where would we all be without our mums and their endless hours of sacrifice? I think most mums would agree more than anything they simply want to spend the day enjoying time with their families and feeling appreciated.There are many gift ideas, hampers,spa treatments,gift cards,clothing,flowers,chocolates etc.
As a mum myself I think most of us love nothing more than breakfast in bed and being OFF DUTY for the day.Handmade cards and poems are the best and most enjoyable part of mothers day, and what we cherish as our little ones grow into young men and women.
Mother's day is not just for mothers, it also represents a special day for mother figures such as foster mothers,grandmothers,guardians,relatives who play a mothering role and stepmums.
An interesting fact, although Mother's day is celebrated around the world did you know that the act of giving gifts on Mother's day was actually started by an Australian woman Janet Heyden in 1924, who used to give gifts to lonely aged mothers.
So please give your Mum a big hug Sunday morning and tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

Next week I will give you an update on how we went with the Sutherland Relay for Life.Was a fantastic day, with lots of entertainment, lots of walking and running and many families and friends spending time together celebrating and remembering.