Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sportsmagic store

Well 2012 has started and what a great year it is going to be.I love January of each year, Australia has such beautiful weather and its a great month for those that love their tennis and cricket.Australians love their sport and January is one of the few months packed with Australian sport.With the weather finally warming up what a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some quality family time.Sportsmagic has plenty of outdoor games to suit the whole family.We also have tennis equipment and some cricket gear will be instore this week.
A popular item at this time is always our Jumbo sized tennis ball which is great for autographs if you are venturing to any of the tennis this summer.Please also have a look at our Australian gear instore as Australia day is coming up very soon.We have hats starting at $5.00! Just click on link Sportsmagic store above

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