Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The 38th HKTDC Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair was held in 9th-12th January 2012 with over 2000 exhibitors displaying new products and hot new trends in the toy/games market for 2012.Big names such as Barbie,ben10(bandai),Hello kitty etc were there.Despite the ongoing Global financial crisis Toys sales worldwide actually grew last year however sales have since fallen worldwide since November 2011.
This year is predicted to be a much tougher market worldwide as there are fewer blockbuster (movie) releases this year and hence less movie merchandise released in the toy market.Hong Kong manufacturing is also facing rising costs due to labour shortages, unstable power supply,and costs of material such as cotton,plastics and metals rising between 30-100%.Product safety regulations is also paramount with many western countries which can provide many challenges for the manufacturers.
Strong focus this year at the show was on Eco-Friendly toys and baby products.Many of these products won the various product awards this year, including this musical, educational toy which took out the "best of the Fair " category Eductaional toys and games.(to see a demo please see below click here)

I personally cannot wait to see what new products make it too our shores, although with the power of the internet, shopping is a click of a key on your computer.Please be cautious however as overseas are not necessarily regulated for counterfeit products, particularly those coming out of Hong Kong,China and India.
Do your homework as you will not be able to obtain a refund in most circumstances.Shop online with reputable e-tailers.Australian consumer laws do not extend to overseas retailers.

To check out some of the other toys please click here.