Sunday, 16 December 2012

I thought I would reblog about this particular question that every parent dreads :


What a wonderful time of year for not only children but parents alike.Nothing brings more joy than watching out children's eyes light up with the mention of Santa Claus.The excitement is overwelming and contagious.This year however has been a little different with my eldest, who is only 7, now questioning whether Santa is real? This is an inevitable question that every parent must face at some time and an agonising one.How do you answer this one? Well I have been researching through the internet, which is a fabulous tool and have myself learnt interesting details about Santa, or St Nicholas that I myself didnt know.Some of this may help is answering this question for others.
Santa or St Nicholas, was born during the third century in the village of Patara.At the time the area was greek and is on the southern coast of Turkey.He was born of wealthy parents who raised him as a devout christian.Unfortunately they passed away from illness when he was young and so,in his strong christian beliefs, he spent his inheritance helping the poor,sick and needy.He was made the bishop of Myra, as a young man, and was known for his generosity,kindness and love of all others, including children.Many stories have been told of his kind deeds.
 One story tells of of a poor man with three daughters.In the earlier days, in order for a woman to marry, her father must provide the future husband with a dowry.The bigger the dowry the better chance she has of finding a good husband, who treated her well and provided for his family.Without the dowry, the woman would  be sold into slavery.Back to the story of the father with three daughters.Apparently it is written, three bags of gold mysteriously appeared on different occassions providing the father with the much needed dowries.The bags of gold were tossed through an open window and are said to have landed in stockings or shoes left by the fire to dry.Hence, children used to leave stockings or shoes out eagerly awaiting gifts from St Nicholas.
  I found a great read on quotation may help clear the fog around this difficult question.
"Today the magic of Santa Claus is not limited to any religion.The power of Santa's legend affects parents,grandparents and of course children alike all over the world."Santa" today is a international symbol of giving and helping the needy and deserving, and a symbol of help and generiosity.In this light he is truly magical and immortal..Rather than ask whether Santa Claus is real or not maybe we should be asking whether if what Santa Claus stands for is real or not? Kindness, unselfishness and generiosty to others.These virtues are certainly real and valuable"


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Should the Govt impose the GST on purchases from Overseas?

GST or NO GST?   

This is the burning question currently.Should the government impose a GST on goods purchased for $1000.00 and under from overseas?
This has created hot debate depending on whether you are on the side of the consumer or on the side of the retailer.What I can tell you is retail, both Australian etail and Bricks and morter (B & M) stores are suffering.
Yes, etail stores are growing with some great success stories, however there are many others closing their doors due to the high level of competition and uneven playing field.B&M stores are suffering the most.This uneven playing field has been caused not just by the 10% GST imposed on goods purchased in Australia, but in large due to huge level of competition made possible by the internet and the global competition for our consumer dollar.
Stores, both etail and retail in previous years only had to compete with stores Australia-wide, now they have to compete world-wide which  brings into effect many other factors, cost of labour,Aussie dollar Vs US dollar,manufacturing costs etc.
Our mining boom has been great for our economy but this has helped drive up the aussie dollar.Whilst the aussie dollar remains high, cost of exports has increased and therefore exports are struggling to survive.However the cost of purchasing goods from overseas has come down, making purchases from overseas more attractive to the average consumer.In a day where each of us struggles to make our dollar stretch as far as we can, understandably we are going to shop where we can get the best price.
Many large overseas companies/stores have already worked out that Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world and so have restructured their websites and stores to cater to the Australian consumer.We are bombarded with flat rate postage advertising/ free postage to Australia.With the high Aussie dollar their prices are very attractive, coupled with minimal or free postage.Unfortunately retailers/etailers here are faced with expensive distribution costs.It can be more expensive to post an item from Sydney to Perth than it is to post an item from the UK to Sydney.Our high distribution costs alone make it a difficult for the retailers to compete.
Retailers/e-tailers are also faced with the higher cost of products.Due to our apparent "remote" location suppliers charge the Aussie supplier/wholesaler a higher price than our US/Asian counterparts.This is not only due to our location but also our population size.We do need to remember places like Asia and the US have a much bigger population and so demand for products are much higher.The price their wholesaler purchase the product for and the price our wholesaler pay is vastly different.
Branded products are even more expensive and many retailers I have noticed are reducing the amount of branded products they are offering.It is simply not viable in our current climate with such intense competition world-wide.Again the price on a product sold to an Australia wholesaler and a overseas wholesaler are vastly different.To counteract this some Australian retailers would purchase directly from the manufacturer overseas, known as parallel importing however this has recently been vetoed by a recent Federal court decision.Please see last blog titled Lonsdale Australia vs Paul's Retail Pty Ltd & Anor (Paul's Warehouse Group).What this does mean that the Australian retailer has no choice but to charge a higher price that what is offered overseas as our purchase costs are much higher.

By imposing GST component on overseas purchases, this will at least keep some of the money here in our economy.Whilst I do not believe it will deter Australian buyers as even with an increased 10% cost, many that I have spoken with have said whilst it is still cheaper to purchase overseas, they would continue to do so.However, this would mean from every purchase made under $1000.00 at least 10% would remain on Australian shores to benefit those living here.The additional revenue could be used to fund roads, housing, eduction etc. (this is obviously an ideal scenario). Currently Australians are sending all our of cash overseas and the only ones benefitting are the overseas business/stores.Each and every dollar you spend purchasing overseas is one less dollar in our Australian economy.This is food for thought.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Well our new warehouse and office is taking shape.This is such a relief as our old warehouse, which was primarily storage was busting at the seams.I am still unsure how we did fit all our stock in.We now have our desigated office space and we are looking forward to a new year.Whilst retail has struggled during the last 24 months internet sales have been steadily increasing.Whether you like it or hate it internet is the future and we all need to embrace the new technology and move forward.Avoiding it will only leave you lagging behind.Remember Kodak? How did such a huge worldwide company wind up bankrupt and cease to exist? They refused to look ahead and move with technology.Unfortunately businesses need to move with customer expectations and in an environment where we are all time poor, the internet can be a great tool in a busy lifestyle.I say tool as it can be a great timesaver and allows us all to have information at our fingertips anytime, anyplace, connect with anyone anywhere in the world, but be aware of it becoming your master and dominating your life.Use it to your advantage but put it into perspective.More often than not I find our customers love the convenience of the internet for their shopping or simply quering us regarding a product/s, however they are pleasantly surprised when they receive a phonecall regarding their delivery or product enquiry.These days most do not expect a person on the other end of a transaction or email and I have had many say to us they love the fact there is someone they can reach if they have a problem/concern or simply a question.This is just a small example of how both can work well.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Campbelltown show is on again this year from the Friday the 31st August til Sunday September 02 2012.Friday is disability and carers day.

The day includes all the highlights of the show such as our animal nursery, reptile pit, rides, showbags, carnival food, stage entertainment, Eljay Bike Show and loads of exhibitors.
Entry is to the show is FREE on Carer’s Day from 9am to 3pm – normally $10, Bus and Car Parking is also FREE between 9am and 3pm on Friday.

Friday night there will be two family movies shown Happy Feet at 5.15pm followed by We Bought a Zoo at 6.30pm.At 8.30 the fireworks show which we all look forward to.

Saturday is Race Day, come and experience all the carnival activities and then watch the show go global with an actual Tabcorp Harness Race named after the Campbelltown Family Show and with each race a local Macarthur business. 

Sunday is Father's Day.A great way to spend the day with the family and enjoy the festivities

No matter what day you come you will have a great time.There are rides for the young and adrenaline enthusiasts, or pony rides and the animal nursery for the little ones.

Sportsmagic will be down at the show so pop in and say Hi.We will have a great range of products on show and you may find that last minute something for Dad.
  NB. For further information about Disability & Carers Day please contact Darryle Wilkie on 0410 467 420 or email

For more information  CLICK HERE

Friday, 17 August 2012

      Lonsdale Australia vs Paul's Retail Pty Ltd & Anor (Paul's Warehouse Group)

The Federal court recently handed down a landmark decision regarding the importation of "parallel" products into Australia where in order to sell the products in the Australian marketplace the importer must have the permission of the registered trademark owner/s or risk violating Trade Marks Act.

Lonsdale Australia had discontinued selling to Paul's Warehouse and objected to Paul's warehouse importing and selling the European branded Lonsdale products ie the Lonsdale Branded clothing that was sold/selling throughout Europe as this infringed on their rights under the trademark act.

This is a very interesting case as although Paul's Warehouse had imported the product legitimately from Londale Sports German Licensee, the court decided that use of the Lonsdale trademark in Australia would require the Australian licensee's permission.As there are seperate trademark owners, those in Europe and those here in Australia, and consequently seperate supply chains and manufacturers, even though the products are bearing the same name, the onus was on Paul's Warehouse Group to prove they had the permission of Londale Australia to sell the product here in Australia.

This is a tricky and complicated case and unless you are very familar with Trademark laws as an importer you would probably have made the same mistake.This is the first decision of its kind that I am aware of in the retail sector.What does this mean?

Importers will now have to be very careful as to the products they purchase directly from overseas suppliers.If there is a trademark owner for that product here in Australia, the importer must request the permission of this owner prior to importing and selling the product here.Be under no illusion no Australian licensee is going to give an importer this permission as this would mean they lose the potential sales along with having to compete in the market with usually a similar product but at a cheaper price.What this means for the Australian consumers is prices will rise on branded products.

Have you been into the two dollar shops in your local shopping centre and bought the famous brand name toothpaste that is imported from Asia, or the washing powder with the same labelling but written in a different language? These could potentially be in breach of the trademark act and consequently importers will no longer be able to import the product or risk a hefty fine and lose of product by Customs.This will mean consumers will be forced to pay higher prices at the till.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


I watched with interest this week a story aired on Channel Seven about Smuggling.The show centres on the smuggling operations that exist at one of the largest ports on the English coast,which is one of the largest gateways to Europe and hence a very attractive option for the smugglers should they succeed in getting their items through.This week was of particular interest as the show was about a crime gang who were importing Nike shoes on a massive scale out of China.This gang was under survelliance for over 6 months and was estimated to have in excess of over 3 million dollars worth of counterfeit product in these latest shipments alone.Overall it was estimated they have imported 5-15 million dollars worth of counterfeit products over the last few years.It wasn't just restricted to Nike, they were importing Adidas,Armani,D&G, etc.
This is not an uncommon practice unfortunately and we as store owners/e-tailers are often faced with counterfeit products being sold, especially on auction forums such as ebay, along with international websites, which are littered with counterfeit product.Sometimes its nearly impossible to tell the difference between the real thing and the counterfeit product.Worse is customers are completely unaware they have purchased an inferior product.If the price seems to cheap, then its probably counterfeit.
As e-tailers we are constantly faced with ensuring we are selling a licensed and genuine product.I know of several horror stories where new businesses have purchased products via international wholesale companies, with the impression the products they were purchasing and onselling were the genuine brand.Unfortunately for them they werent and lost not only all their money as the products were seized, but lost their businesses as a result.At Sportsmagic we work hard to source product through the correct channels, the actual licensees who own the rights to distribute the product.This does take time, money and effort as there is more fake product,wholesale website selling counterfeit brands than there is legitimate.
This week Sportsmagic attended the online retailers expo.Interestingly I spoke with a representative of a major international wholesale company who advertise heavily on places like ebay promoting suppliers from Asia and India.I was enquiring as to some suppliers in China I was interested in speaking with.I was after some information as to the better suppliers who were able to offer genuine branded products.We are constantly looking to expand our product range.The representative went onto to explain that this wholesale site is great for non branded product however any branded product found will most certainly be fake.I was totally surprised as they advertise so heavily and there is never a mention that they have suppliers on there selling counterfeit items and yet here they were advertising themselves, knowing most of their suppliers, by their own admission, sell counterfeit and yet are still on their site still selling counterfeit product daily.
To avoid buying a fake, inferior product here are a few tips :

Be mindful when purchasing online, either websites and/or ebay products direct from Asia and India.There are select distribution channels used by Licensed Companies selling genuine product into Australia.

Do your homework? Is the item being offered look identical to the genuine product? Are there any anomolies?

Does the item appear cheap in price?

Is the item available in other colours other than what appears on the Australia websites/Brand's own website?

As a shopper it can be hard to tell the difference to the naked eye.Good rule of thumb would be if its seems too good to be true it probably is.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Retail Vs E-tail?

Retail is your traditional bricks and mortar (B+M) store selling direct to us, the consumer.E-Tail is online retail.It is not rocket science to understand retail is struggling in Australia with the closure of several big names such as Borders,Angus & Robertson, Colorado and several brands/suppliers having to restructure just to survive.There are other big name players in the market yet to disclose their financial positions, but dont be surprised if this year provides further announcements of cutbacks or closures across some of our big brand names and suppliers.
Whether you love it or hate it E-Tail is here to stay and is the way the world is evolving.Whether it be online shopping,banking or simply reading your favourite book.Nearly everything is done or able to be done online.
For those of us who are time poor it is a valuable tool in our everyday life.Unfortunately it does come at a cost.Just look at Fairfax media Group.With growing online demand for their paper but declining paper based sales they are having to restructure to move with the current trends.If they don't they may end up like Kodak and simply disappear altogether.We cannot stop change nor can we chose to ignore it as a retailer.We must  accept and move with the times like all other businesses, or be left behind.I myself enjoy the experience of shopping with girlfriends and having a coffee.I believe retail stores will still play a part in our future, but to a lesser extent.I believe that retailers can have the best of both worlds,offering both retail and e-tail sites.
It was only a few years ago when I started Sportsmagic that many suppliers refused to supply us for our online business.Online shopping carts were very difficult to setup and expensive.Now, in just a few short years suddenly every major brand has an online presence and suppliers and urging you to take their brands, preferring online sites to the struggling retailers.According to NAB'S retail online index 15.5% growth in e-tail compared to 4.1% growth in traditional retail over the last 12 months to April 2012.
11.1 Billion in online sales compared to still a staggering 208 Billion in traditional retail.Traditional retail still dominates our domestic market but the trend is continuing to grow for online demand.Interestingly spending online is dominated by those in their 30's and 40's and WA is the quickest growing state with a whopping 32% growth, more than double the national average.
Retailers need to embrace the change in consumer preferences and spending habits.They need to adjust their business accordingly or face closure.Customers are time poor and more often have a tighter budget with the rising cost of living.Customers are becoming more savvy with their shopping and so retailers and e-tailers are both competing for the elusive consumer dollar.Customers are shopping using their mobile phones, ipads,android tablets and laptops.No longer do they need to go home and use the home computer to jump online.I myself managed to do my banking, pay bills and purchase several items online last week, all while waiting for my daughter while she was having her dance class.Retailers are going to have to embrace this as a positive and provide their customers with multiple channels to purchase if they are to survive.Whether we like it or not we are in a digital era, and its not going away.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Take advantage of this great offer.If you are interested in this for your business, yourself  for work or someone you know if after new corporate uniforms please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0418 640 499.Alternatively you can email us with your request.Embroidery service also available.
Valid for a limited time only.Offer expires in 14 days.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Well, its that time again, State Of Origin kicks off this Wednesday 23rd May 2012.This first game is marred by some controversy with the first game being played in Melbourne, home of the AFL.This has upset some of the diehard fans but I guess in order for the game to grow the BIG games have to be held elsewhere to show those other states just what they are missing out on.Better the first game than the second or third I would say.
It will be a mammoth task for the blues, who Captain,Paul Gallen is nursing a knee injury and a strained thigh muscle.They are up against a well trained and disciplined Queensland side.Queensland have 6 straight series wins under their belt, and are going for their seventh.
Could Gallens fitness prove detrimental? There is no doubt the side are stronger with Gallen in the side but will his injuries hold up for 90 minutes of pounding defence from Queensland.? Should he have stood down to allow NSW the best opportunity.He "pulled up well" after a contact traning session yesterday.He hasn't been able to train with the side and missed a few few training sessions, something I think is really important going into a State Of Origin clash.Time will tell and we will all know Wednesday night.
NSW have named many debutants in their lineup and will need to concentrate on completing their sets of six to give themselves the best opportunity against Queensland side.
Queensland are not without their problems with their captain Cameron Smith,struck done with a upper respiratory infection.The hooker has only ever missed one origin game in his 25 Origin game history.
Meninga says there is no plans to rush a shadow player in at this stage.
Queensland are of course favourites, and it will take all of thr Blues strength and more to topple such a well trained side.
Paul Gallen should have stood down?

Monday, 7 May 2012

This Sunday, May 13th will be the one day we get to show Mum our love and appreciation for all that she does.Our mums spend countless hours being housekeeper,cook,taxi driver,teacher,doctor (to many scrapes and scratches),manager,financial consultant,child carer and some whilst holding down a full or part time job.
Where would we all be without our mums and their endless hours of sacrifice? I think most mums would agree more than anything they simply want to spend the day enjoying time with their families and feeling appreciated.There are many gift ideas, hampers,spa treatments,gift cards,clothing,flowers,chocolates etc.
As a mum myself I think most of us love nothing more than breakfast in bed and being OFF DUTY for the day.Handmade cards and poems are the best and most enjoyable part of mothers day, and what we cherish as our little ones grow into young men and women.
Mother's day is not just for mothers, it also represents a special day for mother figures such as foster mothers,grandmothers,guardians,relatives who play a mothering role and stepmums.
An interesting fact, although Mother's day is celebrated around the world did you know that the act of giving gifts on Mother's day was actually started by an Australian woman Janet Heyden in 1924, who used to give gifts to lonely aged mothers.
So please give your Mum a big hug Sunday morning and tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

Next week I will give you an update on how we went with the Sutherland Relay for Life.Was a fantastic day, with lots of entertainment, lots of walking and running and many families and friends spending time together celebrating and remembering.

Monday, 23 April 2012


Tomorrow we all have the day off thanks to ANZAC day but why? What is so special and significant about this day that stops Australia til lunchtime.(I believe it should be all day)ANZAC day is a day to reflect on those who have sacrificed their lives to allow us the freedom and what has made Australia the beautiful country it is today.It is also marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the first world war.
ANZAC stands for Australia And New Zealand Army Corps.In 1915 the Australian and New Zealand forces formed an allied expedition that set out to capture the Gallipoli penisula in order to assist the allied navies.The ultimate objective was to capture Constantinople (Instanbul in Turkey), an ally to Germany.
The ANZACs landed on Gallipoli on April 25th 1915, meeting fierce resistance from the Turkish defenders
The campaign dragged on for over 8 years and although we didnt achieve the military objective, Australian and New Zealand forces actions were recognised as a powerful legacy.We lost 8000 soldiers in Gallipoli, and over 60,000 soldiers during the first world war.
25th April was officially recognised as ANZAC DAY in 1916.During the 1920's ANZAC Day became known as the national day of commemoration, the day we remembered all of our soldiers that had died during this war.
In 1927 ANZAC day was recognised as a public holiday is all states of Australia and by the mid 1930's the various rituals we associate with ANZAC day were established ie dawn services,two-up games,marches etc.
With the coming of the second world war, ANZAC day expanded to included those soldiers who fought and died for our country and subsequently to include those who have fought and died in all military operations involving Australian soldiers.
So tomorrow, when you maybe enjoying a sleep in or a late breakfast please remember why this day is so important.You would not be enjoying the freedoms of this wonderful country if it wasnt for those who have and continue to risk their lives for our freedom.Spare a thought for those who have loved ones representing our country overseas in war regions and those widows of fallen soldiers who are left to raise their children on their own.It doesnt matter what race,religion or creed you are, these soldiers past and present have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

Resources :


Friday, 13 April 2012

Isnt the year flying past? Easter has come and gone and now Mother's Day is fast approaching.I hope you all had a great Easter break and were able to spend some quality time with family and friends.I think this is very important as we rush here and there and often forget to actually spend time with those we cherish.Time is a highly priced commodity and I think we all agree it's something we wish we could buy more of.
Speaking of loved ones, this time of year is a particularly important one for the Sportsmagic team.The weekend prior to Mother's day each year Sportsmagic and its staff participates in the Sutherland Shire Relay For Life.This is an overnight community fundraising event in a relay style walk/run to raise funds for the cancer council.The event brings people in the community together for a day and night of fun,entertainment,celebration and of course remembrance.Our team member, Leonie Pegram, organises and captains her team Annettes Angels each year of which Sportsmagic is proud to be a part of.We relay in honour of Annette Pegram, a truely wonderful and inspiring women, who lost her fight in 2007. With Leonie's dedication to fundraising we hope to raise more money this year.Our goal $1500.00.If you are free on the 5th May 2012 come down and join us for a worthwhile cause.We would love to see you there, even if its only for a few laps.Alternatively if you would like to donate to Annette's Angels you can do so through link below.Every dollar counts.Help us reach our goal!
Donate Now

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Well, the NRL season has already claimed its first casualty with Australian winger and Queensland Origin player Yow Yeh suffering a horrendous broken ankle in the 4th round clash with the Rabbitohs.Brisbane trailed 12-0 when Yow Yeh contested a kick with Rabbitohs winger Dylan Farrell, falling and landing awkwardly,causing serious damage to his ankle.It is not known yet whether he will be out for the 2012 season.
Although the Rabbitohs were solid in the first 35 minutes of the games, errors and sloppy play led to Brisbane taking the lead in a 20-12 win in front of nearly 16000 fans.
One of the NRL premiership favourites for 2012 are having a very shaky start to their season.The Wests Tigers were trounced 30-16 by an inform Raiders, led by skipper Terry Campese.Campese was on fire in front of a Wests home crowd at Campbelltown Stadium on Monday night outplaying his counterpart five-eighth Benji Marshall in a class display.Tries by Jarrod Croker,Sam Mataora,Campese,and Josh McCrone led to their first win against Wests since the joint venture.Sloppy play and missed tackles ruled the Wests Tigers game.They will need to rethink their game plan this week when they come up against the Rabbitohs, and again they will be without Robbie Farah as he has one week remaining on his suspension.Both teams will be out to prove themselves this week with both having shocking starts to the season and both desperately needing a win under their belts to remain in contention for this season.

Other Results

Penrith 39
Parramatta 6

Warriors 26
Titans 6

St George 17
Manly 6

Cronulla 20
North Queensland 14

Storm 44
Sydney Roosters 4

Newcastle 20
Bulldogs  6

Questions ?

How do you think should be the Five-eighth for NSW?

Is Todd Carney living up to expectation?

Let us know your comments

Monday, 12 March 2012

Well, the footy season is underway for 2012.There is much excitement in the office and at home with a few devoted Dragons fans.Not my cup of tea with all the bone-crunching tackles and over zealous cuddles that occur on the field.However apparently this is shaping up to be a great season with 7 new coaches and a few of the big name players having switched clubs.Nothing like giving the pot a bit of a stir.
The Dragons were abysmal against the inform Bulldogs on Saturday night at ANZ stadium.There was no fire as Josh Morris destroyed the Dragons, including his brother, in a 30-4 whitewash.The Bulldogs defence far too strong for a illdisciplined St George side.
The Titans were overun in front of 11378 fans in a 24-12 loss against the Raiders.The Raiders surged to a 12-0 lead by the 20th min but the Titans fought back levelling the scores just before half-time.The Raiders had all the possession in the second half with some brilliant defence and stole the lead back in the 52nd minute when McCrone took them to a 18-12 advantage.Although the Raiders were denied 2 tries in the closing minutes of the game, this probably would not have changed the result , although it did cost them any chance to level the scores.

Other results included :
Manly     22  Wests 18
Brisbane 26  North Queensland 28
Cronulla 6     Newcastle 18
Penrith 18     Roosters 0
Melbourne 24  Souths 10

Tonights game Parramatta against the New Zealand warriors should be a great game.Jarroyd Hayne is back but Hindmarsh will miss the game tonight recovering from a nasty virus.

For all those footy fans out there we have just received some of our NRL merchandise including Stationery sets for the kids in their favourite team and Baby on board signs which make a great gift idea for a baby shower.Something a little different to the usual gift ideas.Pop in a have a look.Feel free to post your comments on my blog would love to here your opinions.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Well, we have just finished with Australia's premier fashion buying event Fashion exposed which was held at Darling Harbour Convention Centre in Sydney from the 11th-14th February.This is one of the most important events on the retails/e tailers buying calendar.There was over 1500 local and international companies and designers showcasing their fashion for the Spring/Summer 2012 collections.This is a trade event whereby Fashion meets business and us buyers are able to source,order and/or buy for the coming Spring/Summer 2012.It is also a great opportunity to have a look at some of the newer brands and faces that are entering the Australian Fashion market.
This is one ticket many of my girlfriends would kill for as you peruse the latest trends in fashion,footwear,handbags and accessories.Sportsmagic does not branch out into the high end fashion seen at the show but is more interested in the everyday labels that interest our customers.Labels such as Ecko Unltd and Ecko MMA and Jag.We are hoping to really build our brands this year and offer a more diverse range to our customers, a range of products that is functional,practical and affordable.
If there is any particular products or fashion labels you would like to see in our store please Email Us we would love to hear your feedback.

Seen here is the Ecko MMA range due for release March 2012.Keep an eye instore for the latest styles.We are also off to the to the Reed Gift Fair held again in Darling Harbour Sydney this week where will be seeing the latest in giftwares and homewares for 2012.Be sure to check our blog during the coming weeks as we will keep you updated with any new products we may discover.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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Oxygen clothing is a Australian designed range of clothing inspired by urban contemporary lifestyle.Each design is fresh and original.100% cotton stretch tees that are lightweight and prefect for the Australian Summer and Autumn seasons.

Who is wearing Oxygen ?

Andrew Ryan Canterbury Bulldogs

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The 38th HKTDC Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair was held in 9th-12th January 2012 with over 2000 exhibitors displaying new products and hot new trends in the toy/games market for 2012.Big names such as Barbie,ben10(bandai),Hello kitty etc were there.Despite the ongoing Global financial crisis Toys sales worldwide actually grew last year however sales have since fallen worldwide since November 2011.
This year is predicted to be a much tougher market worldwide as there are fewer blockbuster (movie) releases this year and hence less movie merchandise released in the toy market.Hong Kong manufacturing is also facing rising costs due to labour shortages, unstable power supply,and costs of material such as cotton,plastics and metals rising between 30-100%.Product safety regulations is also paramount with many western countries which can provide many challenges for the manufacturers.
Strong focus this year at the show was on Eco-Friendly toys and baby products.Many of these products won the various product awards this year, including this musical, educational toy which took out the "best of the Fair " category Eductaional toys and games.(to see a demo please see below click here)

I personally cannot wait to see what new products make it too our shores, although with the power of the internet, shopping is a click of a key on your computer.Please be cautious however as overseas are not necessarily regulated for counterfeit products, particularly those coming out of Hong Kong,China and India.
Do your homework as you will not be able to obtain a refund in most circumstances.Shop online with reputable e-tailers.Australian consumer laws do not extend to overseas retailers.

To check out some of the other toys please click here.