Monday, 19 December 2011

Well, what a year it has been for the Sportsmagic team.We would firstly like to
thank our loyal customers who have supported us throughout the year.We would also like to thank those sporting clubs,schools and associations who have continued to support our business through uniforms, teamwear and equipment supply.
This year has seen us build a brand new website.It is far more user friendly and easier for our customers to navigate around.We will continue to build this site in the new year as more products become available.Over the next few weeks we will have our new range of Ecko MMA delivered into store, along with new brands Tapout and Venom.Our teamwear division is also growing with many new items to be added in the new year.
Sportsmagic this year has sponsored Papua New Guinea Rugby League Captain Paul Aiton.Paul has a passion to develop junior talent from PNG where opportunities to learn and grow as a junior rugby league player require the help and dedication of others, such as himself. Sportsmagic are happy to assist Paul in his endevours and are proud to be a sponsor.
Sportsmagic wishes all  a wonderful Christmas 2011 and a Happy and safe New Year.


Friday, 2 December 2011

Is Santa Real?

 What a wonderful time of year for not only children but parents alike.Nothing brings more joy than watching out children's eyes light up with the mention of Santa Claus.The excitement is overwelming and contagious.This year however has been a little different with my eldest, who is only 7, now questioning whether Santa is real? This is an inevitable question that every parent must face at some time and an agonising one.How do you answer this one? Well I have been researching through the internet, which is a fabulous tool and have myself learnt interesting details about Santa, or St Nicholas that I myself didnt know.Some of this may help is answering this question for others.
Santa or St Nicholas, was born during the third century in the village of Patara.At the time the area was greek and is on the southern coast of Turkey.He was born of wealthy parents who raised him as a devout christian.Unfortunately they passed away from illness when he was young and so,in his strong christian beliefs, he spent his inheritance helping the poor,sick and needy.He was made the bishop of Myra, as a young man, and was known for his generosity,kindness and love of all others, including children.Many stories have been told of his kind deeds.
 One story tells of of a poor man with three daughters.In the earlier days, in order for a woman to marry, her father must provide the future husband with a dowry.The bigger the dowry the better chance she has of finding a good husband, who treated her well and provided for his family.Without the dowry, the woman would  be sold into slavery.Back to the story of the father with three daughters.Apparently it is written, three bags of gold mysteriously appeared on different occassions providing the father with the much needed dowries.The bags of gold were tossed through an open window and are said to have landed in stockings or shoes left by the fire to dry.Hence, children used to leave stockings or shoes out eagerly awaiting gifts from St Nicholas.
  I found a great read on quotation may help clear the fog around this difficult question.
"Today the magic of Santa Claus is not limited to any religion.The power of Santa's legend affects parents,grandparents and of course children alike all over the world."Santa" today is a international symbol of giving and helping the needy and deserving, and a symbol of help and generiosity.In this light he is truly magical and immortal..Rather than ask whether Santa Claus is real or not maybe we should be asking whether if what Santa Claus stands for is real or not? Kindness, unselfishness and generiosty to others.These virtues are certainly real and valuable"


Friday, 25 November 2011

Fabian Yu, owner Sportsmagic with friend Paul Aiton, Captain of the PNG Rugby league team 2012.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Unsure of what to buy.You may wish to start your list otherwise you may leave your shopping too late and miss out altogether.If you are buying online I suggest allowing a little extra time as the posties will be working overtime to ensure all mail and parcels arrive in time.Online sales have continued to surge as consumers increasingly shop online.This poses an interesting question.Why shop online in Australia? Several reasons:
Convenience - can be done from home or office anytime
Delivery times and delivery costs are shorter when purchased from an online Australian store rather than international.
Avoids potential customs duties and restrictions which may pose a problem when buying certain items internationally
Potentially you my be purchasing counterfiet gifts without realising as international law differs regarding counterfeit products especially products from China,India and Hong Kong.
For Aussies purchasing here in Oz you are protected by Australian consumer and credit card protection laws
For some great gift ideas  including our new range of Ladies and Mens JAG wallets visit us at 


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

    Owner of Sportsmagic Fabian Yu out on a boys night with some friends.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sportsmagic will be at the Hawthorn Community Fair this weekend Saturday 5th November.If you are in the Brisbane area pop down and say Hi.The fair hits just the spot as a fun, family day out that won't cost the earth. 
Local businesses will be out in force offering a truly international smorgasbord of food to feast on from curry to gozlemes, chorizos to cup cakes and not forgetting Kevin Rudd's team on the good, old Aussie sausage sizzle. You can get in early with your Christmas shopping with some exceptional stalls provided by some of the area's best retailers and mumpreneurs too. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Well its nearly that time of year again when little trick or treaters may knock on your door for Halloween.
Make sure you are prepared otherwise you will be scrumaging through your cupboards and fridge looking for something that remotely resembles a lolly.I have noticed the Halloween phenomenon is growing here in Australia and more and more retailers are getting into the spirit.Its all harmeless fun and if you do not wish to go out you can have your own halloween at home with some great idea from the Halloween website Halloween Australia. 
As a Halloween special you can trick or treat instore for 20% of everything.Codeword Halloween
                           Visit our store  

Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello Summer!

Well, the days are becoming warmer and we are all looking forward to summer! Bring on the sunshine.
We are just starting to get our new stock of Pool inflatables instore for the new season.Dont leave it too long as Santa often pops by to pick up a few in time for Christmas.

                                                   Click here to view instore

Friday, 16 September 2011

Spring Cleanout!

Well Spring is now here and the weather is warming up.So to celebrate Sportsmagic are having a spring cleanout with  

50% off all Ecko Hoodies instore.

Just enter codeword Spring when in checkout to take advantage of this offer.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


We have had several requests for more Kappa product.We now have new Kappa stock instore.
We have squeezed our suppliers and passed these savings onto our customers.

Jackets slashed to half price $35.00 
Pants slashed also by 30% to $35.00 

Pop in a grab a bargain before they all disappear !

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fathers Day September 2011

It has come around again so quickly.Father's Day will be upon us in 3 weeks.If you have not had time to go shopping why not pop instore and have a look at what we have.No parking, no kids,no time wasting and it can all be done in the comfort of your home.Use the coupon code Father to score 20% of EVERYTHING instore.
Limited Time only. Valid until September 4th, 2011.

                                          Mens Directional Rhino Tee

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Year 12 Break Up With Style

Tired of the same old boring end of year Jerseys!  Well it is time to shake things up with a hoodie designed by you the class of 2011!  For once you can put your original stamp on it with more than just a nickname.  Use a mural or a popular design by one of your classmates it can all be done.  Check out some of the design on and click on the Year 12 End Of Year Clothing under the Design Your Own Sublimation tab.

If you need help designing then drop us an email and we will be  glad to help!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ecko Running Out The Door!

Well many of you have took advantage of the 10% off Ecko Hoodies and got a great bargain!  We still have a few left as we have topped up the stock so if you are still interested jump on to and check them out.  

We also have some great deals on the Ecko t-shirts as well.  Now the weather is warming slightly they are great for underneath a hoodie!

We are starting to get ready for the early christmas buyers (I know scary isn't it) so keep an eye on this spot and our facebook pages for some great toys for the little ones!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Like us in Facebook and receive 10% off Ecko Hoodies!!

Well another week has begun we hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  To start your week off on a positive note we have a special 10% discount to offer you.  Just go to our facebook page and like us to receive a coupon code that will entitle you to 10% off any Ecko Hoodie in store.  Just go to our website Sportsmagic and purchase your hoodies putting in the code at the checkout!  Click on the Facebook link below to see our page!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Winter Is Here!

Well everyone winter is well and truly here!  If you are feeling that winter chill why not rug up with one of our Ecko fleecy hoodies topped off with a toasty warm Fila beanie lined for comfort and warmth!
We also have plenty of bargains on plain  fleecy hoodies, pants and jackets if Ecko isn't your style .  
Check out our website at for  great quality clothing, boxing, Fridge To Go products and much more.  We are continually adding new stock  everyday so keep an eye out for that special.  Our exciting range of toys will be online soon so don't miss that!
Sportsmagic also provide a huge range of promotional products for many businesses as well as corporate uniforms, sporting uniforms and clothing for any event or situation.  Please don't hesitate to drop us an email at  if you have an interest in bulk purchases or need a uniform for your company, sporting team or association.
Sportsmagic is a family owned and run company so you can be assured that service and quality is paramount to us!  Why not give us a try you won't be sorry!